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date: May 24, 2015
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Khamenei representative says women’s employment should be limited to 4 hours a week
December 13, 2012

Shahrzadnews:The Iranian religious leader Ali Khamenei’s representative in the province of Yazd has told the ISNA news agency: “Women should spend most of their time looking after their husbands and children, and shouldn’t have jobs that entail more than four hours a week. Our country is becoming increasingly westernised, and we need to ensure that women’s energies are concentrated on the home. If they must go out to work, they should choose jobs that involve things like knitting.”

 Nasseri’s speech, which appeared on the Baztab conservative website, provoked various comments:

“Why not just say that women should be housebound and not appear in public anymore?”

“Is any boss in the world prepared to pay wages to women who only work four hours a week?’

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Khamenei representative says women’s employment should be limited to 4 hours a week
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